Frequently Asked Questions

I have your movie dvd, can I use it for the showing(s)?

No. The DVDs are for personal use only, not for public use. Our DVDs are copyrighted; therefore, no one is allowed to make any copies or sell copies without our permission/license. Any one is not also allowed to show any of our DVDs with and/or without profit in public. No one is allowed to show any of our DVDs for personal profit only. You must contact and ask us for permission first, we have special contract for DVD showings.

Do any of the movies have english subtitles?

We strive to keep our movies enjoyable for our viewers who use ASL. We are currently offering the option of subtitles for The Legend of the Mountain Man, Gerald and the latest release, Black Sand.

Is there voice over?

In order for ASL to be fully appreciated, there is no voice over in any of our movies.

What is the length of each movie? what are they rated?

Forget Me Not: PG-13, 98 minutes. Wrong Game: PG-13, 128 minutes The Legend of the Mountain Man: PG, 113 minutes Gerald: PG, 90 minutes Black Sand: PG-13, 90 minutes Versa Effect: PG, 90 minutes

I am interested in hosting showing(s). how does the fundraising opportunity work?

Your organization must have 501c3 status to be able to host a showing(s). General admission is set at $11 per person. Your organization would earn $4 per person. Your organization pays ASL Films $7 dollars per person. This is an excellent fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations.

Is there a fee to host a showing?

Yes, we require a $100 non-refundable booking fee before we can secure your showing(s). If you book more than one showing on the same week or weekend, you pay the $100 booking fee only once. It also covers movie technicianís pay and movie equipment shipping expenses.

Is there a required minimum attendance?

Yes. There is a minimum attendance of 100 per showing. If you have fewer people watching the movie, your organization will be charged for 100 people at $7 per person.

Does the $100 booking fee apply toward the attendance fee (i.e. $700)?

No, itís a separate fee. The $100 is NOT a deposit.

Who will book the venue?

The hosting organization is responsible for booking the venue. It can be an auditorium, theater, church or meeting room.

Who will book the venue?

The hosting organization needs to select a trustworthy and reliable movie technician from outside of your organization to represent ASL Films and run the film for you. We will then train that designated movie technician. Equipment will be shipped to the selected movie technician. He or she would bring the equipment to the venue on the day of the showing(s). ASL Films will pay the selected movie technician for doing his/her job.

Does the selected movie technician need to be experienced to do the job?

No, he or she does not have to be experience at all. Our Tech Support will train the technician via VLOG which will be very simple.

What size does the movie screen need to be?

For high quality viewing, the screen needs to be at least 14-feet wide. It is the organizationís responsibility to secure the screen.

What is organizations dvd seller?

The hosting organization needs to select a trustworthy and reliable DVD seller from within its organization to sell our DVDs on site during the showing(s). Once selected, our DVD Sales Representative will work with the designated DVD seller throughout the process.

Who will advertise the showing locally? who will provide tickets and fliers? what about printing costs?

ASL Films only provides files of tickets & flyers via email. It is the organizationís responsibility to print promotional materials and advertise the showing -- they must be in color, not black and white. Your venue will be posted on ASL Films website.

How many months in advance do I need to book showing(s)?

We require confirmation at least two months in advance. Our ASL Films Showing Coordinator will gladly work with you and guide you throughout the process. You must make sure there are no other deaf events scheduled for the same date(s) you request to book showing(s).

How do I book a show?

Click the "book a show" tab. It will take you to the next screen where you will be asked to complete your request for booking a show. Our ASL Films Showing Coordinator will contact you shortly upon receipt of the booking request.

Can I make changes of information on my flyers?

The first files we sent you with the information you gave us will be free. Any changes after that which require us to make changes and resend files to you will be charged $5 dollars per change. Be sure your information is accurate the first time.

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